"it's not hyperbole to label [Burgos] a comic genius ... insanely funny."

"easily the funniest thing you'll see at this year's Fringe Fest, or maybe just this year period ...
brilliant in just about every way imaginable."
- DC Theatre Scene

"truly magnificent ... arrestingly mesmerizing ... so devastatingly entertaining"
- DC Metro Theater Arts

"The Eulogy is a must-see ... Death is sad, but The Eulogy is likely to make you cry with laughter."
- Adelaide Theatre Guide

"a comic gem ... lovers of dark humor must rejoice ... Burgos and his creation are fresh and new, for sure, but they share DNA with the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Sid Caesar."
- The Washington Post

"The Eulogy is top fare ... Burgos is multitalented; he can dance, sing, act, work the crowd and do impressions of linguistically-challenged former presidents ... The Eulogy is light-hearted, hilarious and deftly written ... [Burgos] has crafted a story about death that's subversive yet warmly human, funny but not mean-spirited ... The Eulogy has my full recommendation."
- The Indianapolis Star

"masterful ... If you like character comedy, this is your ticket."
- Herald Sun

"There comes a time when a critic knows they have witnessed the next big thing … the moment I realized that this play was the beginning of a comedic cult classic was at the very end. No one wanted to leave. We sat there, looking around at one another, wondering what had just happened to us. Michael Burgos happened to us. And we want more … the play is as hilarious as it is genius … Equal parts masterfully executed and brilliantly conceived, Michael Burgos' The Eulogy can only be described as a triumph."
- Washington City Paper

"The Eulogy has received a string of awards and rave reviews from Fringe Festivals all over, and it's about to receive another one. The word "monologue" is much too staid for Michael Burgos's take on the idea of the funeral eulogy: he tips it on its head, ties it into knots, and sets it spinning in an avalanche of weird verbal wit and a crazy explosion of physical comedy. [...] Hurtling from character to character with breathtaking speed, Burgos evokes the spirits of some great comedians, from Charlie Chaplin and Jonathan Winters to Robin Williams. It's the kind of show you don't want to describe in too much detail, lest you spoil its surprises for others, and also the kind of show you want to see again immediately."
- Rochester City Newspaper

"Burgos has an Andy Kaufmanesque slyness"
- Pittsburgh City Paper

"a hilarious one-man show ... Burgos is an electric performer ... make sure to see it"
- NY Theatre Guide

"quite possibly the funniest performance I have ever seen in my life ... genius parody of a funeral. ... I'm not sure if I've ever laughed that hard at a performance and that’s saying a lot. I was so glad I didn't miss this!"
- Pittsburgh in the Round

"outstanding ... The Eulogy is one of the funniest shows in Fringe and it's also one of the smartest."
- The Coast

"Michael Burgos was incredible in the darkly funny one-man comedy The Eulogy."
- NEPA Scene

"Burgos can make you laugh heartily with a gesture, a look, a word."
- The Barefoot Review

Michael Burgos expertly uses pantomime, character voices, and music to bring this parody far beyond [logic] and into the realm of absurdity. [...] Every motion demands our attention. [...] Using his superior comedic timing, Burgos uses the "less is more" approach to build into an enthralling conclusion. [...] "The Eulogy" is not only a singularly entertaining and cathartic experience; it leaves us feeling slightly bewildered, yet happy to be alive. Burgos' character may not have done any favors for his dead friend, but any one of us would be lucky to have such a spectacular sendoff.
- Edge Media Network

"Do not drink anything during this show, as you will likely spit it out on your fellow patrons from laughing hysterically. Also, make sure you visit the restroom before the performance as you may need to avail yourself of it during the show ... Funny is too weak a word to describe this show. In fact, there are no words to tell you how wonderful it is. I do warn you that it is entirely possible you could hurt yourself laughing at this, but your pain would be worth every second of delight you experience."
- Plays with John & Wendy

"A comedic delight."
- Ithaca Fringe Review
"I had tears streaming down my face because I was laughing so hard!"
- Pamela, audience member